Trek America Southern Sun - Day 9

New Orleans, LA to Lake Charles, LA. 210 miles, 340km.

Today we had another Walmart shop to stock up on food and buy any personal goods, these stops are really useful! 
trek america lake charles swamp tour southern sun

trek america lake charles swamp tour southern sun
Afterwards we did a swamp tour. I'm sure the name of the swamp was Honey Island swamp tours. Seeing wildlife on this trip was something I was hoping for and looking forward to. On my first holiday to America we went to Florida and did a swamp tour there but we didn't see anything which was slightly disappointing. A few of the girls were hungover from last night, thankfully I didn't go out and felt fresh. It was really peaceful out on the swamp and our guide was really friendly and provided us with lots of interesting facts. 

Our guide told us that October is a really good time to come on the tour because you are more likely to see a variety of animals, the first animals were saw were teeny tiny turtles basking on logs, as well as birds such as stalks (I think.) 

trek america lake charles swamp tour southern sun
October is also the time were alligators start to 'hibernate' for Winter so won't eat as much food, the guide told us during this period they will sink to the bottom and stay on the floor and on rare occasions may come up to eat. We saw a few tiny alligators but nothing up close until we got further down the swamp. Then we saw a fairly big one lying on the side and the guide enticed it over with... a marshmallow (and party sausages). They feed them marshmallows, I have no idea why but it worked and he swam right over, followed by a smaller alligator. It was fascinating and so exciting getting to see them in their environment. Our guide explained to us why there are no large alligators, every year the government allows the big alligators to get culled, leaving only the small ones behind, this company and others are trying to prevent this from happening because these magnificent animals bring in tourism and money, people want to see alligators! It is sad but I am keeping my fingers crossed the culling will end. 

We then headed into a more densely wooded area of the swamp and our guide started to whistle and out of no where appeared a wild hog who was adorable! Sadly again these animals are hunted due to the damage they can cause to land (because apparently humans never destroy land.) We said goodbye to the hog and went further on and hearing another whistle a mother and baby raccoon scuttled out of the bushes and started climbing up the tree opposite our boat to get some marshmallows. It was amazing, I love animals so I get excited every time. I was so happy that this swamp tour lived up to my expectations and more.

After the swamp we drove to our campsite at the Saint Houston Jones SP, it was so rural there was deer and raccoon running around. Phil drove us around and I was looking and thinking to myself 'where are the toilets?' every where was so muddy and wet, he then parked up and then surprised us, he had drove us to the most rural part of the site so we would fill up with dread and then told us he had booked cabins for us as a surprise!! Everyone was happy and the cabins were so cosy. I did a little exploring by myself and walked down to the swamp area and through the woods but turned back once it started to get dark. Dinner tonight was crepes, sweet and savoury. I then had a shower and headed to bed straight after, I was starting to get a cold! 

(I am going to try and make my trek america posts as detailed as possible and fit as much in as I can remember, if you have any questions about the tour ask in the comments below and I will do an FAQ at the end.) 

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