26 before 26!

So on Tuesday it was my birthday! I'm not sure if I am 100% happy with being a year older or if I should take solace in the fact they I still get aged between 18-20 or be upset that 16 year olds look older than me. I think birthdays and new years can be hard, sometimes we can feel like we've wasted a year or the year didn't go quite as planned or you look back and realise you did do the things you wanted or you had an amazing year even if it wasn't perfect. 

I like the start of something new though, I like making goals and writing lists even if some things don't get crossed off. The other day I had a huge clear out getting rid of lots of junk I've clung on to, in an old notebook I found a bucket list I had written when I was around twelve to fifteen. It is strange seeing how different the things I wanted to do are to what I want now, I spoke about wanting children and getting married which is something I don't even want now! There are things on there that I still want to do from travelling to New Zealand or seeing the Northern lights and some that have been unknowingly ticked of from having my fortune told to visiting the state of Utah. 

For the last three years I've been doing the .. before .. goals, this is where you make a list of goals depending on how old you will be next. You can view my past goals here, I am going to use my fountain pen and find a nice notebook to write them all in. Honestly, I completely forgot what goals I had made last year so after looking at them today I am pleased to say I at least achieved nine of those things. 

Below is my 26 before 26 list, I'm still halfway through writing this because 26 things is a lot to think about! I also might add little updates to this post to see how I am getting on. 

1) Visit three countries, this year I plan on doing another TrekAmerica tour to Hawaii with a stop over in San Francisco, so if you've been to these places share tips and advice! The second place I plan on going to is Costa Rica to do volunteer work with animals, I'm looking at a December date for this so I can work on my Spanish! The third place I am yet undecided!  (The other day I booked my TrekAmerica trip and Costa Rica, and I now have those wonderful, nervous butterflies back in my stomach! I've booked my third trip to Croatia for June, I think I may have taken advantage of some January sales here!)

2) Go to more gigs! I used to love going to gigs when I was younger and I miss the atmosphere, people starting mosh pits, the splatter of beer and getting crushed, whilst not being able to see because all the tall people are at the front! 

3) Get a new job, okay I say this every year, but apart of me is swept under the comfy blankets of my current job, I like most of the people I work with which makes me want to stay because I don't want to risk leaving for something worse! Then I remember that the company I work for treat their staff like dirt on their shoes, see them as replaceable and that they you should put your job before family, college/uni and other important things.

4) Learn how to scuba dive, I've seen this deal on wowcher many times and its something I really want to do along with learning how to fly a plane.

5) Reconnect, I haven't really been in the scope with blogging last year and I feel like some of the connections I made with some pretty amazing bloggers has sort of drifted away, I would love to reconnect, get back into twitter chats and make new connections. Along with fixing existing photos issues with this blog! 

6) Get more involved with nature/animal charities in my area. 

7)  I would like to get better at applying my make up, it's not awful now but I would like to create different looks as well as feeling comfortable with a min. look.

8) This year I am volunteering at the Walker Stalker convention next month in London, I have never done anything like this before so I would love to do more volunteer work at conventions if this one goes well. (I really enjoyed this so plan on applying for other conventions throughout the year and looking for event related jobs

9) Another outdoor activity I would like to try this year is rock-climbing, in general I would like to do more outdoor activities and get away from the computer, although I'll more than likely wait till it is warmer! 

10) Get back into making little plush creations along with other crafts! 

11) Learn more about animals and science, I'm doing a biological animal management course and it can be so hard, I mean there are a million different species out there! I need to revise a lot more and raid the library for books!

12) Adopt a dog. Our family have been on and off about adopting a dog, we have always had two dogs and ever since loosing Rocky, Alfie has been lonely. 

13) Use my sewing machine more, because it deserves to be used and making things like pillow cases etc. 

14) Complete the Falconry course I started last year. 

15) Try to get back into a routine with blogging. I am hoping to at least be posting twice a week.

16) Save!!! I really need to start saving money. Anyone else struggle with this?!

17) I can drive, I had a car when I passed in 2009 then it broke down around 2.5 years later and I never could afford to get another one. My sister got a car last year, I'm insured on it and I've gone out a few times but I really need to build my confidence when it comes to reversing and parking.

18) I love writing, I have so many stories in my head but I often don't find time to sit and write or when I do nothing comes out. Last year I started working on a short story, I was really proud of it but my computer crashed and I lost it. I want to re-write this and submit it into some short story competition. 

19) Become more flexible, I can't even touch my toes! 

20) Sort my teeth out, I have had trouble with my wisdom teeth for a while, gum problems and I want them whitening. 

21) Tone up, I say this every year but having put on a stone I am so much happier and confident with myself when I am a size 8! (Although I am not yet at the size I was most happiest at, I have signed up to the gym and as of August been going for a month and have noticed a slight difference.)

22) Buy more ethically sourced products and try and do more things to help planet earth and the animals that live here. (I do invest a lot more time researching products, and the majority of the products I used are cruelty free, I still need to change some habits which are better for the environment but I feel I have made process on this.) 

23) Do the 30 day yoga challenge

24) Buy a GoPro! (I purchased one, now to learn how to use it) 

25) Buy a telescope and learn more about the moon, stars and the planets.

26) Invest in some form of lasting hair removal... (I purchased an IPL hair removal system, hopefully I will blog about the process on results on here!) 

(and a bonus, learn how to ride a motorbike because this one is least likely!)

Feel free to share your goals and dreams for the year or until your next birthday! 
  1. Happy belated birthday! Your list so far sounds great. I loved reading anout your trek america trip so looking forward to hearing about the next

    1. Thank you, I've been slow at blogging about it but glad you have enjoyed reading along =) x

  2. Happy birthday!!! Your goals are great. I wish you to achieve all of them. And it's actually very important to set them and to write them down. I have recently written about how I set mine - I use different categories like health, finances, personal development and so on. I call it "Life plan". Here is the link to my post about it -

  3. Happy birthday! I love your goals, especially the one with working on with your spanish.
    Vamos hablamos español ;)

    <3: Jasmin N | littlethingswithjassy.blogspot.fi

  4. Such a great list! I agree, when birthdays come around it can be really difficult reflecting upon the year just gone but I think making a list of goals is an amazing idea. Going to more gigs is a great goal - I miss mosh pits! Haha!

    Sarah xx


  5. Happy Belated Birthday, your list looks great, good luck

  6. I would love to make more jewelry, go forward with my studies and get established as an advocate for positive body image lifestyle and fashion! Hope you reach all your goals :)

  7. Love the visit 3 countries and Yoga challenge idea. Good luck with your list!

  8. I enjoyed reading your post! It's always interesting to see what others goals are. Goals #3- I'm in the same crossroads in my life right now about my job, should I stay or should I go? I agree, your life,health, sanity, and family are a priority before any job... and #18- Writing!! That is also one of my goals this year, to start writing a book, and maybe in a few years get it published. BTW, I subscribed to that 30 yoga challenge with adrienne. I'll start tomorrow morning haha.

  9. I'm a bit late for the birthday wishes... But I can tell you that I whenever I set goal, I put in the first place "to be happy". Because to me, it's the most important thing that will help to achieve all the others :)

  10. I love thee kind of posts. Happy belated birthday! You're going to love San Francisco and Hawaii!

  11. Love your goals, especially the travelling and the yoga ones :)

  12. Happy birthday, I hope is not too late. Looks like your hands full with great goals, and I wish you all luck with your goals.

  13. Great list! I love the idea of the 30 day yoga challenge, thinking about signing up!

  14. First of all, happy birthday! I'm 24 in June and I'm worrying about all of your points already. I am always constantly thinking about saving and if I save enough!

  15. Happy belated birthday. I hope you have enjoyed it a lot.
    Your list is great already, now good luck to get them all done!


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