Every now and then I like to relax in a hot bath filled with sweet, smelling scents, a hair mask on, complete with a face mask. I love using face masks but there is nothing like the feeling when you've found the right one and you skin is feeling fresh, smooth and clean after use. 

This frankincense and rose clay mask from AA skincare (£7.98) contains ingredients such as argan oil, shea butter, rose hip oil and other wonderful ingredients.The face mask claims to be deep cleansing and hydrating helping to rejuvenate and tone the skin whilst hydrating and nourishing the skin. 

When I opened the lid the scent of frankincense filled the room which is very relaxing scent, the mask itself almost looked like a chocolate mousse (I wasn't tempted at all to eat it.) The clay itself is of thick consistency but smooths onto the face with ease, it is easy to apply layers for certain areas if required. It is recommended to leave the face mask on for 5-10 minutes then washing away with warm water. Unlike other masks I have used in the past this one didn't make my face feel or tight or cracked when I moved my face, it was comfortable to wear and caused me no irritation. The mask was easy to wash away and remove without any trace being left, it almost melted away. 

Afterwards I was pleasantly surprised how smooth my skin felt, it was the smoothest it had felt in a long time. My skin also felt more fresh and awake, my face was also nourish and I didn't feel the need to apply moisturising afterwards compared to other masks that made my face feel a little tight and dry. 

What are your favourite masks to use?

*This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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