Last month I was meant to go on a trip with my college to Twycross zoo to study behaviours and the enclosures, I wasn't able to go on the date so planned to go during Christmas break with feeding the Humboldt Penguins, a deal I spotted on wowcher which cost £60 for two people with entry to the zoo, along with a certificate and a cuddly penguin toy. 

I went on the first Thursday in January and I don't think we could have picked a colder, rainier day. The zoo was pretty much empty with the odd few people walking around. If it was sunny that would have been ideal. I must admit I did pull a little strop after the wind almost broke my umbrella with rain hitting me in the face, I just wanted nothing more but to curl up into a ball and fall asleep. 

The first animals we spotted were the meerkats, I love watching meerkats, they are such fun animals to watch however these ones were all tucked up under their heat lamp looking all cosy whilst I was freezing, so I was feeling a tad envious. We then headed to the giant tortoise house, this was heated so it felt so good taking shelter in here. Aren't tortoises wonderful? When my auntie was a young girl she found a tortoise wandering down the street and took it home with her, I used to love looking after Horris (his name) now every time I see a tortoise I am instantly reminded of him. The bonobo's were also located in here, due to taking comfort in the warmth we sat and watched the bonobo's for a while, they had a scatter feed which was interesting to watch. If you know anything about bonobo's they are known for displaying lots of sexual behaviour which is quite strange when you don't understand the meaning behind it.

Twycross zoo has the largest collection of apes and monkeys in the Western world with gorillas, orangutans, marmosets, spider monkeys and more. I don't know how many of you have seen Mighty Joe Young with Charlize Theron, but Twycross used to be home to the gorilla who played Joe, I can faintly recall seeing him the first time I went to Twycross. Twycross is also still home to the chimpanzees from the PG tips advert (in the UK.) Two of my favourite animals I like seeing are elephants and giraffes they are just so majestic and mesmerising although I can't help but feel if zoo's have these animals they should have a larger space provided for them. I am hoping one day I will get to see these two beautiful animals in the wild. 

The zoo was home to a lot of other animals too, one that I have never seen in captivity before was the bush dogs, they are pretty adorable and like the meerkats interesting to watch. They are pack animals with an Alpha, and they all followed the alpha single file around the cage, they also had a little pup which was more interested with playing with twigs. I also found out that bush dogs have webbed feet and love being in the water. We also went inside the Parakeet enclosure where you have the chance to feed the parakeets with nectar, it took us a while to attract any over but eventually one came over and then they all came over sipping up the nectar. 

Eventually the time came for the penguin parade where we would be feeding the penguins. We went up to the enclosure not sure what to expect, no one was waiting for us, there was two other participants as well, we stood around what felt like a lifetime before someone came over and asked if we were here to feed the penguins. The feeding of the penguins takes part during the penguin parade, which is a talk about the Humboldt penguins, unfortunately since there was no audience they skipped this although I feel it should have gone ahead since we were there to feed and learn more about the penguins. The penguins were a little unsure at first but was soon tempted over by the fish in our hands and fed eagerly. They are such adorable animals who seem so cheeky. It was amazing getting up close to them and having the chance to feed them by hand, however I did feel a little let down. The whole thing lasted around 15 minutes and I feel like Twycorss rushed it due to the weather and lack of audience. 

After feeding the penguins we then went to the butterfly forest which was super pretty and enchanting with butterflies flying everywhere. It wasn't the best of days due to the weather but I am so happy I got the chance to feed the penguins.

Have you ever done any experience days at a zoo? 
  1. I loved going to Twycross Zoo! The polar bear had to be my favourite thing. Those penguins are seriously cute x


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