Highs and Lows

I'm a little bit late with this one but this is my first post in 2016, so happy new year everyone! I hope everyone had a fun time celebrating their own way, I ended up going to Oceana, if you were to ask an eighteen year old me if I would ever go there, I would have laughed, how things change! 

Like so many years 2015 went quick! It is so scary how time flies, unless you're at work... I thought I would write a post reflecting on my personal highs and lows of 2015. This year has been different for me in many different ways. 

Being single - Okay, first off all I don't need to have a boyfriend. I am happy being single and I can't help but pity those who need to be in a relationship (sorry.) But this was my first year single in five years, that's a long time. I've never really spoke much about my ex on here but breaking up with him really hit me hard, it wasn't because I stopped loving him it was just the best thing for me. I spent the first half of the year loosing interest in things I cared about, everything took a toll. I even struggled getting out of bed in the morning and beforehand I was always this person who got up as soon as the alarm went off and I found myself sleeping in from half an hour to an hour! Throughout the year things slowly got better but even now I am not 100% over this, I still find myself crying myself to sleep.

Loosing Rocky - I lost my sweet little best friend of ten years. Loosing a pet is hard, they become part of your family. This loss was particular hard because a few days prior he had been to the vets for a health check and was fine, then the next minute he took a turn for the worst and had to be put to sleep. He was a stubborn, sleepy, made me laugh, cuddly boy and I miss him everyday. 

Putting on weight - Over the last year I have put on a stone, I've always been so used to being slim that this feels really abnormal for me. At first I didn't mind, I have been eating, sleeping more and doing less exercise but it got to the point I couldn't fit into some of my clothes. I'm just a lot more happier and confident in myself when I am at a size eight, so hopefully I can try and tone up this year! 

Going to college - I did a level two animal course and finished it this year. I wasn't sure what to do after but I decided to carry onto the level three course, which is costing me £10,000! At first I really liked the course, then I went away and missed so much. When I came back everything was different, the people I was hanging around with pretty much blanked me when I came back, I spend most days alone. Which is fine because I am there to learn but then it is pretty lonely. On top of that I don't have a car so I am spending up to four hours a day travelling there and back four times a week and it is really taking a toll on my well-being. 

Blogging - I love blogging but 2015 really took a toll on it for me. Firstly, I didn't have much time to blog, secondly all of my images broke and I spent ages trying to fix them all, something I am still working on. Then when I tried to get back into blogging and started posting more I noticed that not many people commented or interacted as much, sometimes its deflating knowing that you work so hard on a post and about five people read it. I guess everyone feels like that every now and then.

I am pretty happy with the fact I can only thing of five lows for the year! 

TrekAmerica - One of the main reasons I broke up with my ex is because in the future I wanted to go travelling. Although I can't commit to anything long term at the moment I ticked an item of my bucket list by travelling across America from NY to LA in October. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and big step for me since I am so shy and it felt good knowing I was brave enough to go all by myself. I've slowly been blogging about the trip so you can read more here

Going to college - Okay, this is a low for me but I am trying to embrace it because I do want to work with animals and they have such a wide range on the unit. I'm hoping to fall into a happy routine with college, fingers crossed! 

Seeing more of the UK - Every month I've been trying to go somewhere new or another city, this mainly happened in warmer months but I am hoping to start doing this again! This year I went to London, York, Cambridge and Warwick. 

Getting to see Brandon Flowers live - I am the biggest fan of the Killers and Brandon, so being able to see him perform in a small venue and do his solo stuff with a few killer songs thrown in was amazing. 

Mainly the high for me this year is making it MY year. It's been a long time since I have put my own wants and needs before someone else, spent money on the things I wanted and it felt good. It made me realise all the things I want to do can be done.

I know a lot of people post goals at this time off you, I love reading them. It is my 25th birthday tomorrow so I will posting a post all about my goals before my next birthday and reflecting on past ones! 

If you want to feel free to share your highs and lows and what you want to get out of 2016! 

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