Trek America - Southern Sun Day 11

Austin, Texas - Free day.

I'm saying it again but it so so nice having the tent to myself, to be able to put my sleeping bag in the middle and spread out. It was also nice to have a little privacy and get changed in the tent. 

After breakfast we all piled into the van and stopped of to get photos with a giant statue of a squirrel that someone on trek spotted the night before on our way back to camp. We then got dropped off into Texas and a beautiful sunny day around 10am. 

We all walked up the the congress building which is meant to be the largest in the United Stares of America, the statue of Liberty could fit inside it and it also has a large underground beneath most of the city (so I was told...) 

When I was younger watching American movies I was fascinated with the American college life and frat buildings and sororities, I always wanted to be a part of one. We took a walk up to the University were they has an event on with live music, freebies, food and other interesting things. The atmosphere over all was so friendly and welcoming, we watched a guy make 3D printed Texas bull head in colours of orange and black, watch a guy play with a robot him and others had built, it was really fascinating.  We then went to look for sororities houses and frat houses, the houses were beautiful and I can only imagine what life must be like in one although maybe not like the films I've seen. The start of the day was really fun but after that it wasn't so great.

Some of us wanted to go boating and for some reason we ended up at the one furthest away from the city, with nothing to do for those who didn't want to go boating other than to wait 1-2 hours for those who did. I would've liked to have gone myself but there was a slight odd number so I skipped it. Other people had disappeared by now and four us is were left with no signal on any mobiles to get an uber so we began the long walk back towards the city, although we did get a signal eventually! 

Since we had wasted the last couple of hours of the day we grabbed a Starbucks and waited to get picked up. It was a slightly disappointing day. 

Back at camp it was mine and Alex's turn to cook, we made bangers, mash and green beans which was supper yummy (Although no sausage for me.) I then went to dip my feet in the pool before a hot shower and early night. 

(I am going to try and make my trek america posts as detailed as possible and fit as much in as I can remember, if you have any questions about the tour ask in the comments below and I will do an FAQ at the end. I also was not planning on having these posts so few and far between but I've been so busy!) 

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