I decided to have a day in LA before flying back home in the evening. I didn't make any plans on what to do or had any idea how far the hotel was from the main attractions. A few people made plans to go to the Warner Brother studio tour, since I didn't know what else to do I went along. 

One of the first things we did was go in the batman hanger filled with cars from the films including the new Batman VS Superman film. They also had a batman signal which you can turn on and off. 

It was fun driving around all the sets and hangers. You might recognise some of the houses and places from Pretty Little Liars, something I am yet to watch, but I now finally have Netflix so I may have to binge watch it. We also got to walk inside some of the houses, being an ex media student it was quite fascinating seeing TV shows and films use the space provided to film, how the same street can be converted into multiple locations and things like that. 

We got to walk through this massive building which had thousands and thousands of props all of which were neatly organised. Maybe you'll recognise a few of these props?

Next up was a Batman and Harry Potter museum, I looked around the Batman section first mainly because I was more excited about the Harry Potter section and wanted to spend more time in that part. Many of you may know that one of J.K. Rowlings conditions was that Harry Potter was to be filmed in the UK but it was still fascinating to get to see all of the props although it wouldn't be able to compete with the studio tour in London. I tried the sorting hat on and got sorted into Hufflepuff, I wanted Ravenclaw but turns out not once in the films did the hat sort anyone into Ravenclaw hence no voice recording. 

After the driving part of the tour was over we got dropped of at the another big building, that goes through production, how things come together and showing the final result. Being a fan of Tim Burton I loved the Corpse Bride figurines. Many of you who have seen LOTR and the Hobbit know that Peter Jackson used forced perspective to make things appear smaller or larger than they actually are, here they had this table that you could sit and can get a photo taken off showing how this works, I did it with Aiden once looking all small then ginormous although I still haven't got these photos! 

The best moment, being a fan of friends since I was a child I got to go to Central Perk and sit on one of the Friends sofa, big fangirl moment. I loved every second of it and at the end they have a coffee shop with the same name, slightly regretting not picking up a central perk mug. 

Afterwards since me and another girl were flying back tonight we headed back to the hotel by bus. We somehow managed to figure out what buses to catch, four in total and it was one of the most awkward bus journeys of my life, on one bus every just stared at us. I felt quite out of place. 

Let me know if you recognise any of the places from films and TV shows featured above! 

I had the most amazing time, and to any thinking off doing anything similar to this I would just say do it! You can see the rest of my posts here. 

  1. Whoa all of that looks awesome! I must visit there in the future :-)

    <3: Jasmin N |

  2. What a cool post! Looks like fun. Especially the Central Perk pictures!


  3. I love when unplanned day come together!! I enjoyed looking through the photos! I am a bog fan of Batman


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