Lake Powell, AZ to Zion national park, UT. 120mi, 190km.

We had a slight lie in today which is always nice to wake up and feel a little bit more refreshed. I think the fact that the tour was going to end soon was starting to seep in a little and although it was sad we knew the last couple of days were going to be good! 

Today we drove to Zion national park, Phil described it as 'like being inside the Grand Canyon' I can't vouch for that myself but it was spectacular. I remember the van ride into the park because we kept going down and down as the 'mountains' around us got bigger and bigger. Not going to lie I fell in love with this place quickly, and after looking over the tour it was one of my favourite places we went to. Zion national park was 'founded' my Mormons pioneers in the 1850's who then settled by the Virgin river. 
trek america southern sun zion

trek america southern sun zion
I don't think we could have picked a perfect place to spend our last night camping if we tried, the whole day was sunny and I had the best view from my tent, in complete awe. Today was slightly relaxing, Zion has lots of shops and restaurants to visit as well. Phil gave us an option of doing a little hike today or for those who wanted to stay at camp and do whatever to do that. 
trek america southern sun zion

trek america southern sun zion
I opted to do the small hike, along with Phil and three others, so we headed to the park entrance to catch a bus to take us to the trail called Temple of Sinawava which is the last trail on the bus, this one has warnings on it due to the river and flash flooding. The bus had commentary and pointed out the hike I was going to be doing the next day, Angel's landing and nicely added in the fact people have died doing it, which put a tiny bit of fear and doubt into my mind. The walk was easy, there was also lots of cute deer running around. The ground was mostly flat and runs along side the river, once you reach the end you get to the narrows, the narrows go inside the canyon with water that comes up to your waist, you need a specilised kit to do this hike (or I would recommended one.) We went slightly up to the opening wading in the water which was freezing! I love doing things like this though makes me feel like I am on some adventure that can only be found in films. The sun started to set as well and it looked beautiful bouncing of the rocks. 

It was our groups turn to cook the last camp meal and it was my choice of what we was making, I chose stuffed peppers with couscous, garlic bread and mash potato. It was nice and I do hope everyone else enjoyed it, Phil did say he liked the idea and no others groups had ever come up with anything like this which gave him ideas, so I can take that as a compliment. 

At night we made a fire, under the most starry sky and the hugest moon I have ever seen, it was so close and bright. We sat and played games, told stories and asked questions some of which were a tad awkward but I still joined in. 

To read about the rest of my Trek America tour click here.  I am going to try and make my trek america posts as detailed as possible and fit as much in as I can remember, if you have any questions about the tour ask in the comments below and I will do an FAQ at the end. 

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