I really love decorating trinket boxes, it's a craft that you can really personalise for yourself or as a gift for someone and there are a thousand ways to decorate them! You can see two I decorated for craft swaps here and here
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This kit included two wooden trinket boxes, sandpaper, glue, gold leaf and green acrylic paint. The idea was to create a rustic looking trinket box. 

The first step was to paint the boxes, I wasn't too keen with the colour I was provided with but I chosed to paint it that colour anyway since it looked pretty good with the gold leaf on top in the picture. I gave it two layers of paint.

Once the paint was dry I then started to dab the glue onto the boxes and pressed the gold leaf over the top once it had gone tacky. The gold leaf was then teared off leaving some stuck to the glue. Gold leaf is so fragile so when you are handling it be extra careful. 

Once that was done I then sanded down the whole box to give it more of a rustic, worn down look. Here is the end result.
crafty creatives

I wasn't too keen on the end result, it didn't look half as good as the one in the photo. The gold leaf looks too blocked together and not as rustic looking as I was hoping for. However it was fun to try gold leaf for the first time and I do love the look it can give objects. 

Have you ever decorated a trinket box, let me know! 

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