Plastic bottles, they are pretty much a part of every day life and us as humans go through a lot! I like to recycle but still plastic bottles find there way into landfills each year. Plastic bottles can also be great to upcycle if you put your imagination to it. Below I've created a cute (well I think so) pot holder idea. 

You will need:
A plastic bottle.
Marker pen.

modroc upcycle bottle animals

modroc upcycle bottle animals
Step one - Using a marker pen draw your design onto the bottle and cut around. I would always go further up from your original pen mark in case any mistakes are made. As the saying goes when crafting (from the mouth of my design technology teacher who taught me wood work) 'you can always make things smaller but you can never make it bigger.'
modroc upcycle bottle animals

modroc upcycle bottle animals
Step two - Once you have your bottle cut into shape, rip shreds of paper up and begin to paper mache. I find this part easier gluing the paper down using a paintbrush, it makes it less messy on the hands! Leave to dry.
modroc upcycle bottle animals
Step three - Cut up your modroc into reasonable sizes, place into the water and onto the bottle and modroc until it's nice and smooth. Continue all over and inside the bottle. Try and get it as smooth as possible but don't worry if it isn't completely smooth, it doesn't ruin the end result. Modroc can take a while to dry, you can usually tell when it is completely dry since when it is wet it feels cold. This may take up to 24 hours.
modroc upcycle bottle animals

Step four - When you modroc is dry, paint on whatever design you wish. As you can see this time I went for a panda. 
modroc upcycle bottle animals
Step five - Once the paint is dry varnish to give the pot a glossy look.
modroc upcycle bottle animals

What crafty upcycle ideas have you tried?

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