Amphora Aromatics is one of the UK's largest suppliers of pure essential oils and aromatherapy products. They have recently developed and released a new range of face masks called Ooharr. There are three masks to choose from star glow, Rosie glow and dead sea cooler with more masks to be added to the range soon. The masks contain natural ingredients and essential oils for a deep cleanse, help combat spots and for smoother, softer and radiant skin.
ooharr natural face mask review
Star glow contains ingredients such as clay to help detoxify the skin and help draw out impurities, glycerin to hydrate, sweet almond to help condition the skin and promote a youthful complexion among other ingredients such as honey, vanilla and jojoba. The face mask smelt delicious like a dessert I just wanted to eat it.. Out of the three masks this one was my least favourite, it did leave my skin super soft but it also made me break out (although I assume if it's getting into the layers of my skin and removing anything horrible break outs are bound to happen!)

Dead sea cooler is a deep cleansing mask with peppermint, tea tree and witch hazel designed to create a bright and clear complexion. Other ingredients include dead sea salt to open pores, detoxify and draw out impurities, bamboo powder to exfoliate and refresh and argan oil to moisturise. This one was my favourite mask, it has a cooling, tingly sensation thanks to the mint and I really felt it got down into my skin and helped with current acne, reduces redness and swelling. My skin felt soft and clean after use. 

Rosie glow of course contains rose oil the star of this deep cleansing mask , it is intensely nourishing and balancing with natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals to moisture and hydrate skin leaving it soft and supple. It contains Marula oil to help protect skin from environmental damage and Palamarosa essential oil to help repair damage skin. Again my skin felt instantly soft and hydrated after use with my complexion appearing brighter.

These are perfect little pick me up face masks which only cost £1.20 per sachet, the masks are thick and creamy with a smooth application process. For me I have managed to get 3-4 masks from each packet.

*These masks were sent to me for reviewing purposes all thoughts and opinions are my own.   

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