Detoxing: To rid the body of toxic or unhealthy substances. I've seen and read about so many different types of detox's smoothies, juices etc. the list goes on. Some have worked whilst others have been left successful. When I was sent this seven day tea-tox made by Slim Kitten for NutriPlan I was a little dubious. 

What exactly is a tea-tox? A tea-tox is an addition of a specialised herbal tea to your diet that helps aid with digestion, increase metabolism and cleanse toxins from the body. This tea-tox claims to reduce bloating, make you feel refreshed and awake, reduce sugar and carb cravings and boost your immune system.

The tea-tox can be bought by itself for £8.99 or alongside the other detox plans that NutriPlan have. The tea-tox consists of 7 day morning tea bags and 3 evening tea bags to be taken every other day. The ingredients are Yerba Mate, Chamomilla, Hibiscus, Rosa Canina, Siberian Ginseng, Orange Peel, Tamarind, Lemon Grass, Ginger, Raspberry, Blueberry, Cranberry, Centaurea, Eucalyptus, Fennel and Pimpinella!  

At the start of taking this I was feeling so bloated and genuinely not feeling good about my body and well-being so I was looking forward to seeing if this product would have an effect.

nutriplan teatox slim kitten

To make pour boiling water over the tea and leave to brew for 5 to 10 minutes, any longer may actually cause the tea bag to split (this happened to me when I accidentally left it in for longer.) The teas have a reddish hue and a very fruity taste with a hint of herbs to it. The tea was drinkable but I wouldn't say I enjoyed it so much that I would have it every day. 

Did it work? I really think judging these types of things over a short period of time can be quite tricky. So going through the list of claims, did it boost my immune system? This one is hard to answer, I wasn't ill at the time of trying the product and I didn't notice any physical difference. Does it reduce bloating? Yes, it reduced my bloating so much and it made me feel so much better about myself. Did it make me feel refreshed and awake? The morning tea-tox didn't really make me feel more awake, if anything I've been sleeping more because I've had the time off! Reduce sugar and carb cravings? I did notice over the week I was using this I didn't snack as much, it also made me feel fuller a lot quicker. Overall, my well-being and body felt so much better in comparison to how I felt at the beginning of the tea-tox. 

Detoxing doesn't always work for everyone but for £8.99 I would recommended this one. If you've tried a detox before let me know.

*This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 
  1. I've heard differing things of tea toxes before although I've never heard of this one and it seems to be a bit cheaper than others so I'd be more willing to give it a go than others!
    Amy xx

  2. Tea toxes really intrigue me! This one sounds pretty good X


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