In my local area a new cafe has opened up, designed to bring people together over tea, cakes and by putting down technology and interacting with each other by playing games. I love this idea, growing up I enjoyed playing games with friends and families , laughing, arguing, getting competitive but it feels like as the years have gone pass having game nights has become less popular. 

When I saw this cafe it made me want to relive a part of my childhood and have a game night. Radomise is a new fun game where you draw, act or describe random identities for your team mates to draw. Created by Hazel Reynolds she has created a game based on the best elements of her favourite games all in the hopes of luring her younger sister away from her iPad (which was successful.) 
randomise game reviewThe game is really simple and easy to play, You need at least 4 or more players, a watch/stop watch, a pen and paper. 

How to play - the players are split into two groups, you have three sets of cards labelled A, B and C. When it is your turn you declare whether you are going for an easy or hard challenge and whether you are going to describe, act, or draw. Once you have made these choices the opposing team will choose three random numbers (from 1-3) for each card e.g. card A - 2, card B - 1 or card C - 2. You'll then look at each card and act, draw or describe whatever it says for example attractive fisherman making a fire and your team mates have to guess what you are.

Overall the game really achieves what it sets out to do to by making people laugh and have fun and brings out your creative side. I really like that you can chose to act, draw or describe because personally I do not feel confident acting these things out so it made me enjoy the game more knowing I could describe or draw instead. Even the game is a simple one it is perfect for all ages, I would say it is best played with more people but it is still fun with a small group.

and here are a few samples of my drawings.. if only they were as nice as the ones on the box! 

Do you often play games with your friends or family? Let me know!

You can buy radomise of amazon for £9.99 here
  1. I love the idea of the cafe! And that game seems like it would be a lot of fun.

  2. I really like the idea about the cafe. It's nice to get in touch with the real world and not be consumed with technology so much. The idea of the game is great, I love playing games, so this I think this one will be on my wish list.



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