JADU means magic. That's exactly what a cup of tea can be, a magical pot of happiness after a long, tiring day. A little pick me up though a hard time. JADU tea London is an independent global luxury tea band with a passion to celebrate the charm and allure of tea and its benefits as a healthy beverage with an aim to offer high quality, luxury gift teas that have a sense of indulgence to them. 

JADU packaging.

Opening the parcel and pulling out these little boxes tied with ribbon I felt like I was receiving a beautifully wrapped and thoughtful gift. The packaging goes above and beyond what you would usually expect when it comes to tea. JADU have focused on each and individual element to create the perfect box that is classy, elegant, reusable and luxurious.

JADU blends.
jadu tea review

With a range of teas that can take you on a journey across the globe with tea sourced from China, India, Sri Lanka and Africa, herb and fruits from Europe and the blending process happening in the UK.  I was sent a sample box that contained two sachets of China green tea, English breakfast and Mademoiselle grey, a box of China green tea, white mango lime tea and vanilla rose green tea.

A smooth and satisfying blend of premium black tea: rich, malty tippy golden Assam combined with bright and refreshing Sri Lankan uva orange pekoe. This blend was smooth, subtle and refreshing, in comparison to my everyday tea I would say this one is less strong but still the perfect pick me up. I like my tea with soya or almond milk but the tea was a rich, golden brown before milk was added. 

jadu tea review

A slight twist on the classic Earl Grey with refreshing Sri Lankan Uva black tea with a distinctive citrus flavour that complements the zesty, aromatic Bergamot, with bright citrus notes of lemon, orange and lemongrass. I have never really been a fan of Earl Grey but this I love, choosing to enjoy the tea black to appreciate all the aromas combined in this blend. It is refreshing and a unique cup of tea. 

jadu tea review

A smooth, full-bodied green tea from Yunnan province of China, the leaves are carefully rolled and full of antioxidants. I have always been a fan of green tea not only is it full of antioxidants but it can also increase your metabolism. The taste is fresh and light with smooth bold flavours perfect for when you are feeling a little ill and need a lift. 

Vanilla Rose Green.
jadu tea review

jadu tea review
This is such a pretty, fairylike, floral tea, as soon as I opened the bag I was greeted with a sweet vanilla and light rose scent. It was divine. Out of all of the teas I tried this one was my favourite, I loved the flavours, a rich blend with a delightful floral aroma. On top of that it can also be used as an ice tea. 

jadu tea review

jadu tea review
(Firstly, I couldn't find my tea strainer at this point so went to buy another later on!) White tea is renowned for being full of beautifying antioxidants. With tropical mango and piquant lime leaves this is a fruity uplifting tea with a slight floral scent.

Overall, I am so impressed with this tea, although slightly on the pricey side with tea starting from £16 you can really tell why. The quality and care that has gone into the tea and packaging is outstanding, I truly feel like I was given a magical box of tea.

Have you tried JADU tea before, let me know what you thought.

*These teas were sent to me for reviewing purposes all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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