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Lean green powder is designed to energise and detox the body, it is packed full of nutrients from vegetables and other ingredients. The 500g product is designed to be taken once a day and last for 30 days providing you with your five a day in one quick drink.


Eliminate cravings and control hunger. The product provides your body with a wide variety of nutrients, these nutrients help eliminate cravings by satisfying the hypothalamus (the part of the brain responsible for these cravings and hunger.) Being a person who snacks a lot and pretty much eats all the food placed in front of me I can say that this product does help me with cravings. For lunch I always take chocolate bars/crisps etc. on days that I had had lean greens in the morning I found myself feeling fuller for longer and having no need/desire to eat these products during lunch.  

Provide more energy. The alkalising ingredients found in lean greens cause the body to function better causing increased energy levels. For myself I didn't really feel more energised whilst drinking this, I always have energy slumps and want to crawl into bed as soon as I am home. Although long days and being busy seven days a week may have a factor into this. 

Helps you feel less bloated. Alkalising ingredients and digestive enzymes help improve gut health. When this product arrived for some reason I was dealing with really bad bloating, feeling uncomfortable etc. Thankfully this product made me feel so much better and completely got rid of that uncomfortable feeling. 

Taste/Ways to drink.
lean greens

I have tried products like this in the past and one of the things that put me off was the taste. This drink was designed with taste in mind, having a neutral taste that can be mixed with water or smoothies. I started of trying this product with just water so I could get the full taste, not sure how I would describe the taste but it is drinkable. However if the taste isn't for you you can always put it in a smoothie/fruit drink, I tried a few variations such as orange juice, banana, natural yogurt, strawberries and other fruit. Another one I tired was using almond milk with raw chocolate powder and a banana for a sweeter less fruit taste in both of these mixes the taste of the powder was eliminated. 

Overall I am pleasantly pleased with this product, although slightly on the pricey side I feel like it has improved my daily health and well-being. The product also comes with a bottle shaker and a scoop is provided. 

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Is this something you would consider, let me know your thoughts.

*This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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