Being quite a quiet person and lacking in confidence in certain areas I always try and push myself into situations out of my comfort zone. One of the things I hate doing is having my photograph it's rare and I always drag other people into the shot with me. A while ago I saw that Emma was looking for a model over on her instagram account, I said I would be interested but the spot was already filled and she would keep me in mind for any future shoots. 

A couple of weeks ago Emma asked me if I would like to model for her texturistic shoot inspired by the work of Lan Nguyen and pose as a Pierrot clown. Although I was a little nervous Emma was professional and friendly throughout the whole process and it was a lot of fun being turned into a clown. Below are a few of my favourite snaps from the shoot. 

I really loved Emma's idea, my favourite part of the look were the crystal lips overall the look somewhat reminds me of Queen Amidala. The photograph was also amazing and made me feel completely at ease and provided guidance. Personally I think I pulled of the sad clown look pretty well seeming as I have a moody face...

Let me know what you think.

Make up by Emma. (Instagram - peachberrymakeup and website) 
Photography by Deborah Selwood. (Instagram - Deborahselwood
  1. I love the make up she's done on you. Especially the eyebrows.

    Rhiannon - Pastel Daydreams



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