Today was our last full day in Croatia, we had our last breakfast at the same place as the other day this time sheltered inside due to a quick shower. Instead of the pancakes I had a healthy breakfast which consisted of granola, yoghurt and fruit which sadly wasn't quite as good the pancakes! 

We spent most of the morning looking for a car to rent, Jelsa is nice but due to us only having a short amount of time in Jelsa we wanted to go and explore Hvar town the most touristy spot on the island. It took us a while but we finally found one, since Hvar Island is extremely small there is one main road that goes round the island which is hardly busy, we was also told by someone there are only three petrol stations on the island. 

Hvar town is the party place of the island so if that's what you want when you go to Croatia/Hvar island head here, they have Carpe Diem full moon parties, island hopping and lots more. Saying that though we didn't actually do much whilst we was here, we had a look around then decided to walk up to the fortress through quaint streets, you had to pay to go inside so we just admired the views from the top. 

Whilst we was visiting here, the England game was on, I am not a fan of football but the other three wanted to watch the match. There was a sports bar but it was jam packed with people, surprising how many English fans were here! Instead we ended up watching the match in a restaurant. I actually felt like a bit of an idiot because we was sat in a restaurant and my guy friend was acting like a typical English football fan, banging on the table, swearing whilst people were trying to eat, can't say I was too impressed! I can't remember who they were playing pretty sure it was Wales because they ended up winning the game. 

Once the game was over we headed back to Jelsa and spent the night having a few drinks (non-alcoholic for me) before going to bed. 

That pretty much wraps up my time in Croatia with day five pretty much spent travelling back home! I can't say I have made it look like the most exciting holiday, don't get me wrong Croatia is beautiful but I really feel like I didn't go with the right people. Either way it was nice to get away for a while and explore a new place. 

Have you been to Croatia before?
  1. It looks so lovely!


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