During the middle of June I went to Croatia, this holiday was booked in January a somewhat mad decision because my goal this year was to go away three times and booking it meant this was the third trip to be booked (yet first one to happen.) The upcoming months I was skeptical about the whole trip, mainly due to the people I was going with, booking with a friend who said there was going to be a group of us in what ended in being his brother and girlfriend and me and him which instantly gave of all the wrong impressions and left me feeling like I was being dragged on a couples holiday with someone who wasn't my boyfriend. Not to mention that my friendship with this guy on my part was starting to wain! But anyway despite all of this I wanted to have a good time since I had paid for it, our destination was Jelsa on Hvar Island a two hour ferry ride from Split. 

After being up since two a.m. and arriving on Hvar Island in the late afternoon, I was a little bit groggy to say the least and slightly ticked of that everyone insisted on getting taxi's everywhere rather than the bus (my spending money budget was low on this trip!) But thankfully we arrived in Jelsa safely even if we was welcomed by a torrential downpour. To put it bluntly a lot of things on this holiday annoyed me and I decided to not quite sugarcoat it because not all holidays work out to plan etc. Way back when this holiday was booked since I would be sharing a room with this friend who is a guy I asked him to make sure he gets single beds, for him to say he couldn't but there is a sofa in the apartment that he could sleep on, as nice as the apartment was there was no sofa, we would be sharing a bed... (A lot of personal information I will skip out here, but I wasn't happy about this for many reasons, if you really want to know then ask!) After the guy had proceeded to pull a strop about this, I tried to remain positive and coax him out of because I didn't want this to ruin my holiday. 

Thankfully I had the bright idea to bring a raincoat with me so with that on we took a walk into Jelsa town, down many steep stairs which gave me enough exercise for the whole week, going up and down. Due to the rain Jelsa was coated in mist so thick that you could barely look out on the harbor and see the sea. It was a quiet, picturesque town, I wasn't really looking for a party holiday or to go out drinking every night so I was happy that tourism on this part of the island seemed fairly laid-back. After walking around a few shops and picking up snacks we headed back to the apartment (those steps left me so out of breath every time!) and I ended up having a quick nap hoping that the rain would stop.
Jelsa, Hvar Town

In the evening thankfully the sun had appeared so all four of us headed out for food, and to admire Jelsa without the mist, beforehand you couldn't even see the mountains that surrounded Jelsa. Food is always an issue for me when I go away due to being a vegetarian (and trying to go vegan) but most restaurants seemed to have at least one vegetarian option. After stopping at a bar to have cocktails (only one for me) we headed back due to being really tired, well I could barely keep my eyes open. 
jelsa, havr, croatia

We woke up to SUNSHINE! The view from our room was quite spectacular now that all the clouds had shifted. We had breakfast at this restaurant that I spotted the night before that advertised vegetarian/healthy food although I can't remember the name of it. I opted for the American style pancakes with berries which was delicious, I love pancakes but I so used to having thin ones that thick ones were such a real treat. 
Jelsa, Croatia

The plan for today was to head to the beach instead we bought snorkeling gear and rented a boat. After a quick demonstration and map in hand we headed out into the ocean, which was quite nerve-wrecking at first because I had an image of us somehow crashing the boat but once we set of we was fine. I did notice that there are quite a lot of nude beaches or rocks dotted around, when you aren't used to it it can be a little alarming but I have to admire people who can go nude because I wouldn't have the guts to flaunt myself for everyone to see. 
jelsa, croatia

The first place we anchored up was quite far from shore, after jumping into the water I didn't realise how deep it was and the current was pretty strong. I like swimming and being in the ocean but I also like to know if I need to I can get back to shallow water so we hopped back into the boat and headed towards on island marked out on the map. The water here was slightly cooler but with less of a current with deep and shallow areas, it also felt like we had our own little island to ourselves. I haven't been snorkeling in such a long time but on family holidays it was always my favourite thing to do, spending hours in the water looking for fish, this time was no exception spending up to three hours just swimming around, although my back did catch the sun a little it was so much fun and I got to test out my gopro for the first time and managed to catch a few photos of the few fish that were swimming around. I didn't want to get back on the boat even though my hands had turned wrinkly and the water was beginning to feel a lot colder, the water was also incredibly salty! 

Back on land and after drying off, sticking with an activity day we rented bikes. Bikes have never been one of my strong points, as a kid I was fine  I used to love going on bike rides, riding my bike on dirt paths, up and down hills etc. But one time I had an accident that had be flying over the handle bars and splitting my chin open so as an adult I am so much more cautious. But I would highly recommend renting bikes as another way to explore, again not being the fittest person ever my legs felt like jelly trying to move myself up some steep hills but it was a challenge for me and I like to challenge myself and again it was fun. We stopped off at a little coven with a pebble beach, wasn't too kind on the feet but we went paddling and spotted some Shrimp who would quite happily climb onto your feet which in my eyes is pretty cute. 

That pretty much wraps up day one and two in Croatia, let me know if you have any summer travel plans.  

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