One thing the internet is good for is being able to spread messages quickly, so today I am going to write about something that I have seen in the media a lot recently from facebook to twitter, something that I feel needs to change.

Twenty five years ago a dog named Rizla became the first victim of BSL, her crime being a pit-bull terrier. Her face was plastered all over the newspapers being described as a seven stone hell hound and what did this killing machine do when she had a syringed pierce her skin filled with a lethal injection, she let out a whimper. 

A couple of weeks a go a dog named Francis was abandoned in London, alone and scared he was found my a member of the public and taken to  Battersea, staff described Francis as being happy, healthy and friendly towards staff, but at 18 months old he was put to sleep for being a pit-bill terrier. In the last year Battersea have had to put down over 91 dogs all because of the BSL. 

So what exactly is BSL?
BSL stands for Breed Specific Legislation, this legislation was introduced in 1991 it bans people from having certain types of dogs that are deemed dangerous, the breeds that have been banned in the UK are pit-bull types, Japanese Tosa, Fila Braziliero and the Dogo Argentino. These dogs were originally bred by humans for fighting and because of that they have been given the stigma of being violent dogs, yet there is no research to prove that these breeds are any more aggressive than other dogs. These dogs are killed based on the appearance not their behaviour! Typically any dogs that fall into these categories are seized by the police, often without warning. 

This legislation not only fails to protect the public, but also allows the suffering and innocent destruction of 100's of dogs a year all because of their appearance. 

The law really needs to change in the UK, as someone who has owned dogs pretty much all my life I know for a fact the way a dog has been raised by a person often deems the nature of the dog. Unfortunately you do get those people who train their dogs to fight which might result in those dogs biting people. In all my life I have never encountered a dog who I felt uncomfortable around and I have only been bitten by a dog once, which was a Labrador, the story of this involved the owners house being broken into and the culprits having crowbars which was used against the dogs, making this particular dog weary, agitated and spooked by new people entering the house. Dog and dog interaction is entirely different story, even the friendliest of dogs may not get along with all dogs! 

So I am urging you all to please sign this petition to call for an end of BSL, a dog should be judged on its behaviour not its appearance!!! 
  1. This is close to me because I own a staffy and as well known over the pass few years sadly they've been front page news for the wrong reasons but if you delve into the stories they usually (always) indidicate some improper care or neglect even if the slightest on the humans part. A lot of people would like to see staffies on that last above and destroyed and when I look at my beautiful 7yo girl it breaks my heart she doesn't deserve to be muzzled of destroyed based on a breed and stigma. Thanks for sharing xx

  2. Great guide and will sign the petition when I get a chance.



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