Wednesday, 10 August 2016
Living in a world filled up with man's creations it can be so nice to immerse yourself into the natural world around you from escaping the city to a park listening to birds tweeting, leaves falling from trees, bugs scurrying across the floor to spending the day learning about the plants and animals we share this world with or falling asleep under a starry night sky. The natural wonders around us is something we can all take for granted at times, as much as I love nature I am also very ignorant to many species of plants and animals that live here in the UK, their names, properties of plants etc. It is something I would love to spend more time learning about (as well as the fact I want to go into wildlife conservation in the future.) 
the nature explorers scrapbook review

This is where the nature explorer's scrapbook comes in, combining my love for crafting it is an activity like no other encouraging you to explore the environment around you to search and collect objects as well as providing lots of information about the natural world. It aim to help you create your own nature collection without harming the environment (you are encouraged to take photos when removing objects isn't ethical) and for you to have a record of your time spent outside exploring.  
the nature explorers scrapbook review

the nature explorers scrapbook review
The book is a hard back and beautifully presented with illustrations and photos with so much detailed information, the book itself is split into three elements earth, air and water. The information included in the book talks about how to collect seeds, to activities you can do for example leaves from pressing them, rubbing to creating skeleton leaves. There is so much stuff in here to do that you can spend endless hours outside collecting things. 
the nature explorers scrapbook review

the nature explorers scrapbook review
This is my first entry in my scrapbook and I want to tell the story behind it, if you know me I am very much into protecting animals, often I feel like us as humans see ourselves above all the other species of animals who live on this planet, we cut down their homes, we eat them, we wear them, we dispose of them when it deemed necessarily, the list is endless. It is quite sad how many people don't care about animals. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I was in my parents room and I looked at the window to see if my dog was on his way home from his walk, my dad has taken him out and he was slightly drunk so when he does this I worry a little! At this point I noticed a dead bird on the road, I looked out again after hearing a squeaking nose that sounded like my dogs toy, turns out it wasn't but there was another bird on the road, so I thought to myself 'that must have been hit recently.' This squeaking noise continues for another five to ten minutes, being curious as to where it is coming from I peered out the window trying to find the source, that's when I notice the bird on the road isn't dead, it is alive and struggling to get of the road. I can't even begin to imagine how scared this bird was but I immediately ran downstairs to go get it but sadly I was a minute too late and it died, I picked it up anyway and buried the bird in my garden but as I was doing this I noticed this feather in its mouth. It did make me upset to think how many people noticed this bird and did nothing, it's not a busy road and it's so easy to pull over, whereas I was annoyed at myself for not realising sooner. 

This book is suitable for all ages, for anyone interested in the natural world or for someone who needs a hobby to get out the house more. Personally I think it is such a beautifully and inspiring book that can create so many stories and memories whilst hopefully filling your head up with knowledge about the natural world. You can buy the book on amazon here.

Let me know what you think.

*This book was sent to me for reviewing purposes all thoughts and opinions are my own 


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