The majority of us may have heard of Dame Joan Collins’s, but some of you may be unaware as was I that she has her own beauty collection, entitled Timeless Beauty. Launched as an international luxury beauty brand, created with ‘love and careful consideration’ by Dame Joan Collins and her team of experts. The timeless beauty collection is designed to help you look and feel great, no matter what age you are.

Joan’s tips for looking festively fabulous.
1.       The sun may be disappearing but protect your skin all year round by using a foundation with SPF.
2.       Always remember to eat a balanced diet. Avocados are great for both inside and out.
3.       Make your lipstick last longer whilst sipping cocktails by blotting your lips after application.
4.       Take yourself from desk to dancefloor and feel glamorous, sexy and confident by wearing a bright and bold lipstick.
5.       Always remove your makeup at night with a deep cleanse and finish with a good overnight moisturiser.
6.       A good base is the secret to amazing makeup and disguises aging.
7.       Blending makeup with good quality brushes is vital if you want your makeup to look its best for the camera.
8.       For a sultry, smoky eye look for the office party; double up your brow pencil by using it as an eyeliner and smudging it across the lids.
9.       Clutch bags are limited for space, so use a lipstick as a blusher and blend it out onto the apples of your cheeks.
10.   Tired looking eyes? Soak some cotton wool pads in a bowl of ice and place onto your eyes to refreshen and reduce puffiness.

Her tricks of the trade and insider secrets have helped create her beauty brand, creating a collection that is designed to be timeless and wearable. To kick things of Joan Collins beauty have released two new products for Autumn/Winter.
joan collins timeless beauty

The first new product is the ‘Teneffects skin treat and makeup fixer’ which promises ten skin benefits whilst locking in makeup with just one spritz, a multipurpose product use it before makeup to help with all kinds of skin issues. It uses 7 natural ingredients to rejuvenate, calm, minimise pores and soothe irritation.

I was excited to use this product, I have been wanting to try a setting product for the longest of times because no matter what my foundation seems to rub of during the day, and trying not to touch your face with makeup that falls of easily is hard. The spray itself is refreshing and light with a subtle rose scent, however unfortunately for me I found using this product over my makeup made my foundation/face appear shiny without any effect on long lastingness of my makeup. Since the product is multipurpose I then switched to using it before I went to bed and under my makeup instead of over it. If it is due to this product or not, over the last month I do see a difference in the appearance of my pores and skin, my skin appearing slightly brighter and clearer, the use of this under my makeup has made the wear last a little longer.
joan collins timeless beauty

The second product is the ‘Dry Oilbody polish’ made from a blend of Himalayan salts, three plant oils and kiwi seeds. The high mineral contents and source of vitamin C help the skin look younger and vibrant whilst ingredients such as olive and avocado help hydrate the skin. Presented in a glass pot the product instantly feels luxurious.

I really like this product, a small amount goes along way and it delivers in giving me smooth and silky skin. The only problem it can sting a little in sore areas but other than that it excels it removing dead skin, perfect to use before wearing a dress to the Christmas party.  

Have you tried anything from the Joan Collins beauty collection, let me know your thoughts. 

*These products were sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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