Honolulu, O'ahu, Hawaii!

honolulu hawaii
The flight last night was so quick, by the time we got to the hotel (we stayed at the Pacific beach hotel) I was flat out. I had a quick shower and it felt so good to feel clean then to climb into a comfy double bed. Waking up in the morning I opened up the curtains to a view of the Diamond Head crater and as much as I loved the big island, Honolulu felt exactly how I imagined Hawaii to be.

We only had two days in Honolulu and since we had something planned for one of our days this was our only free day and we wanted to fit as much in as possible, yet we didn’t really know what to do at first. We had breakfast in the hotel before heading out, we took a walk down the beach front following historical pointers along the way before we lost the trail.
honolulu hawaii

Still lost in thought on what to do in such a short space of time we headed for the zoo, it might not be on every ones list of things to do in Honolulu but I enjoyed it. The zoo was fairly large and for some reason it seem to take forever to come across any animals at all but we found them in the end ranging from giraffes, tigers, monkeys to goats! I loved watching the elephants one of them was playing in the pool and flopped into it fully emerging himself before climbing out and giving himself a dust bath. The zoo is also home to a cheetah, for some reason there were lot of birds inside this particular enclosure so I got to witness the full speed of the cheetah as it began a pursuit for a peacock, thankfully peacocks fly and it escaped into a tree (I didn’t even know they could fly…) As always when I go to zoo’s I try and access the situation, I’m not a fan of animals being in cages but it is always important to understand what zoo’s do for example raise awareness, conservation and much more and as far as I could see these animals seemed looked after.

Since we were in Honolulu we decided that we have to do the Diamond State head monument hike, so after finding out what busses we needed to catch of we went. We arrived at 4pm and I read somewhere online the hike takes roughly two hours. The walk up to the entrance was hard in itself it was so HOT! To describe the hike it was a gentle slope that at times offered shade from the heat, it also contained steep steps that about killed me off, the first few lead into a tunnel and on the other side there are more!
diamond head state park
At the time we didn’t know this but you can actually turn left at this point and skipped these steps out, but you know if you are there you might as well climb up the steps since it takes you into a bunker with a spiralling staircase. This takes you out to the observation deck and the views were breath taking! For some reason though I wanted to do the hike to look inside the crater and did not realised the hike is inside the crater and I had just walked through it… A bit of a not so smart moment right there. It was a beautiful hike and despite the steps it is a fairly easy one, although make sure you take water since you can only refill your bottle at the entrance, it took us an hour to complete the hike.

In the evening we decided to go shopping, mainly because my brother wanted us to find some trainers which turned out wasn’t even out in Hawaii, but the shopping mall was huge so we picked some gifts us for my dog mainly…

At night I took a walk down to the beach so I could have a quick paddle at night, and ended up bumping into one of my fellow trekkers! 

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