Our last night camping was today, this tour has gone so quick yet it feels like I had been away from home for such a long time, if that makes sense? (Almost as long as it has taken me to write about it, for those who have stuck around to carry on ready, thanks…) There wasn’t really much on the agenda for today, we did a little bit of shopping and site seeing throughout the day. 

Our first stop was the King Kamehameha statue located in Hilo, King Kamehameha was a great warrior who established the kingdom of Hawai’i by uniting all of the islands. There is another statue located on Oahu which most people may recognise from Hawaii five-0.

Next up was Pololu look outpoint, now don’t get me wrong I loved this tour and I got to see so much of the big island, seeing and doing so many new things but at times it felt there was a lot of looking rather than actually doing. We had loads of spare time today, we could have fitted a hike in here but we didn’t we just looked at the view which was spectacular don’t get me wrong, and I did use the time we had to walk down a teeny tiny part of the trail. But I would have loved to have done more hiking on this tour!

Once we had done our shopping and sightseeing we headed to camp which for the last night was at Spencer BeachPark and out of all the campsites we had been to this one was the nicest. It was located next to the beach, had outdoor and indoor showers so you know you can actually wash you know in the nude… Once camp was set up and lunch had been eaten a few of us decided to go to another state park… yes I went to all of them that was included on the tour. This one was the Pu’ukohola Heiau statepark and located right next to the beach.

As I mentioned earlier, King Kamehameha united all of the Hawaii islands, according to legend he was destined to rule all of the islands but he had opposition from his cousin and chief rival Keoua Kuahu’ula. Kamehameha was told by a prophet that if he built a large heiau dedicated to the war god Ku atop Pu’ukohola he would conquer all the islands. Of course the works for this went into place and you can see the remains at this state park. Once it was built the prophecy came true, but his cousin had to die of course… If you are interested in the history of Hawaii then I would recommend going to these state parks, I learnt so much about the history and culture of Hawaii none of which I had a clue about before I went. But my favourite part about this state park is that there is a look out point into a cove where sharks can often be seen, I didn’t see any but I liked the idea they are lurking away in the waters.
Today was such a hot day, like really hot. All of us ended up swimming in the water which was a perfect depth for miles out and warm to the skin. Once I got out the water I sat on the beach for around ten minutes and no word of a lie my legs went red in that amount of time so I went back to camp to retreat from the heat but found no comfort in my sweltering hot tent, I ended up sitting under the pavilion which had a nice cool breeze and sat and watched a guy fishing, and when I say fishing I mean diving into the water and I guess using some form of dagger to catch fish with? I don’t eat meat myself but it was interesting to watch.
For the last night on tour we did a sunset sail cruise, when I think of the word cruise I instantly thought of a large boat, it wasn’t it was a catamaran boat and if you read about my whale watching experience you would know I was sea sick on one of these so I was scared! We got took out onto the boat and I found a place to sit which I did not move from for the whole journey. I listened to the others play games whilst I tried my best to admire the view. The trip was around two hours in length with gorgeous views all around, as the boat was returning back to port the sun slowly started to set and probably gave us the clearest sun set we had seen on the whole tour, it was beautiful. 
Whilst we was waiting to get back of the boat one of the crew told us to throw left over snacks into the water, so we did then out of nowhere these fish appeared and ate it all up.

Back at camp we had the most amazing dinner, even though it was just pasta, sauce and cheese it warm and filled that empty spot right up. We spent the last night at camp listening to our tour guy learn and attempt to play a ukulele whilst the rest of us made more friendship bracelets.

Although not indigenous to Hawaii one of the animals I have enjoyed seeing loads of on the tour are Mongoose, and in the morning I saw a family of them making their way through the woods, the little things. Since it was our last morning our tour guide made us pancakes, the real thick, homemade, American style you always see on the TV and I couldn’t wait to tuck in. Before he could make them all however we ran out of gas, so I didn’t get to try a chocolate one but the lilikoi one I had was divine!
Today was such a relaxed day, much too relaxed for my liking, it was a beach and shopping day. I’m not a big fan of sitting on a beach and I’m also not a fan of shopping. However I took it in my stroll and the first thing we did was go looking for turtles. We walked up the beach to no avail and the group slowly started to split and divide. I ended up with another person and since we had lost everyone we decided to look around the shopping outlets and of course grab a starbucks to cool down. After looking around the shops we decided to head back down to the beach, the person I was with was still yet to see a turtle so we thought we would give it one last shot. 

We tried a Hawaiian treat of shaven ice, which didn’t quite meet my expectations and it melted so rapidly that it probably wasn’t a good idea to get one in the first place. We sat near the ocean and waited and our patience paid off we could see at least two swimming around, the water was so clear and if you wanted to you could paddle right up to them. They are such beautiful animals and I feel so blessed to have seen so many on this tour, even if I didn’t get to see any on the beach!

The tour ends at five pm and since a few of us were flying out tonight we skipped the little tour of Kona that was to point out ‘famous’ sites. We said our goodbyes which was a little awkward, as goodbyes usually are. I then went to meet my parents in the lobby since we were flying to Honolulu tonight. 
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