Puerto Jimenez is the closet town to the Frontier camp, around an hour maybe slightly longer on the collectivo. The collectivo, is fairly large/truck lorry, inside the back wood has been used to create benches to sit on. The ride to and from camp was an experience, my body was thrown about like a rag doll at some points, my hands firmly gripping onto the seat to avoid falling off. It was fun, and offered beautiful views to/from camp.  

I had decided to leave camp a day early, so I can spend at least a day in Puerto Jimenez and go kayaking. There are a few hostels in the town to stay in, or there is the option to stay in the staff house if there is someone from Frontier there. I did the latter; it was slightly awkward since the two of us weren’t big talkers. The staff house was nice, with all the necessities. The first night I went to bed pretty early, along with taking advantage of having Wi-Fi.

PJ is a little town with supermarkets, restaurants and lots of tourist designed activities. At lunchtime, I headed out to go kayaking. I had never done kayaking before so I wasn’t sure how well my rowing and steering capabilities would be. This is usually a group activity but seeming as I was there in December, it was quiet and it was only me and my instructor. At this point, I was getting used to being the only person! After a brief introduction, I climbed into the kayak and began to row. It was a lot easier than I had first thought. It didn’t take me long to realise wearing normal clothes was a bad idea, the instructor had asked me if I was planning on changing, which I said no to. I thought ‘I am in a boat; I won’t get wet.’ If you have ever been kayaking then you would know that as you lift the paddle out of the water into the air, the water trickles down the paddle and into the boat and on yourself. I was soaked by the end of it.  
puerto jimenez kayaking

puerto jimenez kayaking
I was told to row to a beach that was directly in front of me, which took around 20 minutes. As I was paddling, I could hear movement in the water. My guess was fish, a moment or two later I saw a flying fish, it was a beautiful silver colour and shot right past me so quickly. This was the first time I had ever come across one, they are such unique and magical animals.
The beach we pulled up on to was empty of people, it was perfect. We had to wait here for the tide to come up before we could head into the Mangroves. The beach was covered in white crabs, who would run into their hidey holes whenever I came close, a domino effect across the beach. They had also managed to create a pretty, intricate pattern across the beach. We ate fresh pineapple, and the instructor wrote my name in the sand, whilst music played in the background. If this was a guy I liked and not some person I was paying to take me kayaking it would have been a pretty good date…Around half an hour later we headed back into the kayaks and followed the sea to where it turned into a river of fresh and salt water. We stopped once, to drink some coconut water out of coconuts the instructor got from a tree. It was cool and refreshing. We spotted many birds and even a crocodile.
puerto jimenez kayaking
Kayaking wasn’t without its problems, my instructor was well ahead of me a lot of the time, out of sight. Trying to move around trees that came into the water was hard, there was a few crashes. Some I struggled to get out of which saw me fighting with branches. It was fun, and I do think I managed to get the hang of it in the end.

We ended up turning around and coming back the way we came, due to a fallen tree blocking our path. I am not entirely sure how much I missed out on, but I had such a good time I wasn’t too fussed. On the way back we spotted Scarlet Macaws, I love these birds. We pulled up onto another beach, staring out to sea and land, in the distance you could see Panama, another country I must visit one day. Honestly it was so much fun and well worth the money, I think we was out kayaking for around three hours before we came back. It is something I would highly recommend.

I managed to find my way back, admiring PJ as I went. I would have loved to have had another day here, to fit in another activity. In the evening I went out and treated myself to pizza, now I am not normally a fan of pizza but even though the food at camp was delicious, I wanted some junk food!

If you have any questions about my time in Costa Rica, ask in the comment box below. I will either reply in the comments or with an FAQ at the end. 
  1. This looks amazing! The water is so blue and clear. You were so lucky to see a flying fish too.
    Kate xx

  2. Amazing photos and what a wonderful experience to have had too! It looks like paradise there. Costa Rica is one of those places I've always wanted to visit - I'd love to go on a birding tour there! I love that last shot, the view looked gorgeous. How cool that you spotted a crocodile as well?! - Tasha


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