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At the start of January, I turned 26. I am officially on the wrong side of 25 (although as I get older I find myself enjoying life a lot more.) Every year I set myself goals, so I thought I would do a little update on how I got on last year and share with you my new goals before I turn 27. Now, I never usually tick of all my goals and I am okay with that, out of the 26 goals I set myself last year I can say I did at least nine of those things, there are a few I plan on carrying over onto this year’s list.
My first major goal was to visit three countries, travelling the world will always be my main ambition in life. It is something I have always wanted to do since I was a little girl. I was so determined with this goal that before January was up last year I had three trips booked, one to San Francisco and Hawaii, Croatia and Costa Rica (which I am currently blogging about.)  Each trip was different, my trip to Hawaii was a guided camping tour with people I had never met, Croatia was with friends and Costa Rica was a volunteering trip.

Another goal was to adopt a dog. This one felt like it was never going to happen. We tried several times throughout the year but timings and other factors were never right, I started to give up hope towards the end of the year. It seems fate may have been on our site; we have always been a family who have had boxer dogs. In October my Sister spotted a puppy boxer named Kye at our local rescue and she instantly applied, I knew there would be a high demand especially for a puppy so even when we had a home check and was told he was ours it didn’t truly sink in until he came home. Kye is a cheeky little pup who likes to chew clothes, play fight, sit on Alfie’s head and cause trouble but he is so full of love and adores cuddles.

You can check out the rest of my 26 before 26 list here!

It gets harder and harder writing this list each year, with an extra number to add on but here goes… (It took me more than a week to think of 27 things!)

1) Again, travel will always be a key ingredient of my year. I do already have one trip planned for this year to Peru/Bolivia to walk the Inca Trail and visit the Amazon which I am ecstatic about. This year, I would like a family holiday to Iceland and if I am real lucky another trip but I think that might be a little greedy but we will see! 
2)One from last year’s list, is to have a go at rock-climbing and do more outdoor activities!
3)Crafting and learning to use my sewing machine has made it on the list for the third year running, how is it that I seem to have so little time for something I used to be so passionate about? Trying to set some time aside every week for this is something I feel is important, we all need that me time.
4) Writing is another one of those loves, I always wanted to see myself as a storyteller.
5) For the last two years I slowly feel like I have started to get back to the old me, I am happy but in no way is my life perfect. Overall though I am quite a positive person, and this year I am trying to eliminate negativity, especially people who try and rain on my parade and bring those negative vibes into my life!
6)  Declutter! I have a tiny room and no space, full up of stuff I don’t need but have clung onto. It needs to go.
7) This year I may be going to University, as a mature student. I am nervous about this and still in two minds but if not now then when? I am currently torn between two Universities which I am going to go look at soon but I am praying I make the right decision. (I've picked a university and I feel happy with my choice, its a perfect location that offers the chance to do volunteer work at zoos/wildlife parks, amazing overseas opportunities and more! I can't wait!) 
8) Get my Tiger tattoo redone, I used to love it but now it’s faded and in comparison to my other tattoos it needs work. I want to keep the tiger but improve it greatly.
9) I’ve once more managed to build up a few debts to pay off, all of which I would like to have paid off by the end of the year!  
10) Increase my blog readers, twitter followers etc.
11) Add more things to my bucket list book and finish adding photos to my travel diary.
12) Although I did sign up to a gym last year this year I want to focus on getting into a shape I am happy with and feeling healthy overall.
13) Learn more about space and buy a telescope.
14) Buy more books on history, in particular on the Romanovs and Ancient Egypt.
15) Get my haircut more often, I think it happened twice last year…
16)  Spend more time with my dogs. I mean I spend loads of time with them, but I am busy a lot and I just want that extra time bonding and playing with them.
17) Try and see more of the UK. This really does depend on money really but I’ve seen so little, I feel like I owe it myself to explore my own country!
18) Try and be more organised. Honestly, I used to be a pretty organised person but for the last year or so I feel completely disorganised.
19) Finish watching Once Upon a Time and start Stranger Things!
20) Read more books.
21) I really want to do something along the lines of pole or aerial fitness, but we will see.
22) Try and blog more regular and make more DIY posts.
23) Bake and cook more, trying more vegan recipes.
24) Carry on learning a new language.
25) I used to love taking part in craft swaps and happy mail, I would like to start doing this again, nothing beats a bit of snail mail!
26) Save a certain amount of money!
27) Lastly, to try and create a happy and positive year!

Do you have any goals for 2017 or until your next birthday? Let me know below! 
  1. Kye is adorable!!
    Loved reading you goals. Good luck! ๐Ÿ˜ I look forward to seeing how you get on ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜„

  2. Awww, Kye is so, so cute - how lovely! I'd love to adopt a dog and a cat, but I need to get working again before I do. I think travel is always going to be high on my list too as I haven't really done much at all, and I want to experience more while I can. Languages is another one on my list, I'm really interested in Japanese at the moment, and I took French and German at school so I need to carry that on as well! Ooh, Stranger Things is amazing, let me know what you think of it when you get the chance! - Tasha

  3. A great list! More travel is always on my to-do and your plans sounds amazing! Iceland is my favourite, so I hope you get to go!

  4. awww Kye is just cuteness goals! Your 27 before 27 list is really inspiring, I just turned 25 and I can totally relate to a lot of these things. I might add some to my list as well haha. I love how we all met through the facebook group and are now talking and leaving these cool comments! Great read :)

    Marc | www.ohbuggerall.com


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