Over the last couple of years, I have slowly started to spend more time outside participating in outdoor activities, in particular travelling where I have done lots of hiking! When doing anything outside it comes apparent there are certain pieces of equipment which may come in handy. Anything that can carry fluid in is a priority! Getting enough fluid is extremely important especially when partaking in a strenuous physical task in hot or cold weather. Audacious Rhino Sports specialise in a number of water bottles and flasks; I opted for the Camouflask (800ml, RRP £29.33.) Not going to lie I may have been slightly swayed by the design… Saying that though the flask has a lot of great features which for me will make it a great travel companion.
Camouflask vacuum flask

I haven’t actually had the chance to test this product outside, so I conducted a few little experiments inside. Firstly, one of the features is being able to keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours (honestly would be so handy in hot countries where your drinks turn warm) and keep hot drinks hot between 6 – 12 hours (because having a hot drink in a cold isolated place would be perfect.) Well, the product did exactly that. I tested the hot drink overnight and was pleasantly quite surprised in the morning to find the drink at the same temperature because I didn’t think it would work… I tested the temperature once more after the 12-hour mark and the fluid was still lukewarm. So, how does this work? Well the flask is a thermos insulated, double walled vacuum flask, so its aim is to insulate whatever is inside! (I have had vacuum flasks in the past that didn’t keep my drinks warms, hence the scepticism!)
Camouflask vacuum flask

The flask is really good quality, made from grade stainless steel (the flask is tough! Perfect for travelling and outdoor adventures) it’s hygienic with leak-proof seals, food safe and it is BPA free and environmental friendly. The flask is super easy to clean as well, so you won’t get the taste of yesterday’s tea in a drink of water the next day. I love the design of this product, firstly the pattern as I have mentioned BUT I adore the addition of a handle making the product easier to hold. The flask has a large, easy-pour and wide mouth complete with a screw on drinking cup.
Camouflask vacuum flask

Well, if you can’t already tell I am really impressed with this product and I am looking forward to taking it away with me to Peru later on in the year and then to Iceland! If I had to pick a fault, I would say it is slightly on the bulky side so space in a bag may be an issue but other than that I cannot fault it.

Let me know what your key outdoor equipment is!

*This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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