It has been ages since I have had the time to really craft and make something; I had the idea of making cement pots last year, buying all the materials I would need and even making a tester pot to see if it would work. I ended up making the pots a couple of months ago but wanted some cactus to plant in them so avoided writing up the post until I felt they were finished. So today my mum finally found some cactus and I think they look quite pretty in their pastel, vintage colour pots. If you would like to make your own read on. 
cement planters diy

Firstly, you will need the following:
A cement mix, I used polycell quick set cement which I bought from wilkos. 
Plant pots or plastic cups of different sizes. 
Water and a tool to mix the cement. 

If using plant pots the holes at the bottom will need sealing to prevent leakage, seal using glue or sellotape. 

Place the cement mix into the plant pot and follow the instructions as by the box. However, this may needs adjusting so keep adding water or cement as you go, stirring until the mix is a thick paste and ensure the pot is at least half full. 
Place the other pot or cup into the cement mix, applying pressure so that the mix rises around the edges. Adjust until you feel the hole is centered and the edges are straight, although they may not always come out perfect. Once you are happy with the layout you may want to use an item to weigh down the cup/pot to prevent movement. 
Leave to set. Once set remove from the pot, this might be difficult and scissors might be handy to cut away the pot or cup. You can see the difference above in the colour of cement still setting and fully dried. 
Once dry, use sandpaper to file away any rough or uneven edges and then you are ready to paint! I found this blue and pink colour in sostrene green

Plant and fill with whatever your heart desires! 

  1. These are really sweet - what a clever idea!

  2. Love this!! So super cute and pretty easy. They look really effective...I would have fun painting them haha.


  3. Really like these! Awesome craft!

    By the way, you should take a little time to make a good Pinterest-image worthy pin for this post, I bet you would get quite a bit of traffic coming from it! :)

  4. These are so cute and I love how they turned out! I love the colours you went with too, the pastel shades are lovely. Will definitely have to try this out at some point. Love the new layout and look here too! - Tasha


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