Wednesday, 12 April 2017
Sugru is a brand I discovered a couple of years ago when they kindly sent me some to sample, which I ended up using to create this Japanese inspired bookmark. (Apologise for the photo quality, I still suffering from broken images on many posts and others looking very blurry.) 

If you haven't heard of Sugru before, it is a rubber/mouldable glue designed for fixing, making and improving existing products. You can find out more here. Sugru are ready to launch a create and craft kit which will be available from Sugru from the 1st May, retailing at £10. The product is aimed at both seasoned and first time crafters. sugru create and craft
The product comes neatly packaged in a little box which tells you all about Sugru, what it is, ways to use it etc. The kit itself comes with four single use packets of Sugru, a storage tin, a thimble thumb grip, a texturised brush and booklet filled with craft and DIY ideas. 
sugru create and craft
I love the addition of the booklet filled with ideas and ways to use Sugru, for me it really inspired me and provided me with ideas on how I could use Sugru. So if you are stuck on how to use this product this booklet is perfect! It is also provides a step by step guide for each one, with up to 16 ideas provided. I took a craft idea from the book due to having a few spools lying around and had a go at making a stamp.
sugru create and craft
sugru create and craft
The step by step guide was easy to follow, the Sugru had to be cured for 24 hours before I could cut a design into the product. However, I can't say I am too impressed with my little raindrop which is supposed to be smiling but turned out looking a little droopy instead.

Overall, I do love this product it is so easy to use and there are SO many ways in which it can be used. What craft project would you use Sugru for?

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  1. Aww, I think your stamp is really cute! This looks like a lot of fun :D


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