Review - Hydracoach Water Bottle

Last year, I went away a few times visiting pretty hot and humid climates. So, I wanted to buy myself a decent water bottle, one that would be easy to carry and long lasting. I didn't want to spend too much money but after browsing around I spotted the Hydracoach water bottle which at £24.99 it was slightly pricey for a wattle bottle, however, the bottle had lots of features that appealed to me, it calculates and tracks your fluid consumption throughout the day ensuring you stay hydrated. 
hydracoach review

The bottles appearance is very sophisticated, with it being easy to clean and fill with a soft silicon mouthpiece and robust nylon finger ring. The product calculates how much you need to drink based on your weight, and displays the average amount of fluid you drink per hour whilst monitoring you total income for the day. The product was really easy to set up.

I honestly really loved this bottle and the whole concept behind monitoring your intake etc. However, it had its flaws. The first thing I noticed was that there was no off button, so the battery and bottle was on at all times, meaning the battery drains itself pretty quickly compared to if you could turn it off. I think a good idea would have been if the bottle activated itself when you took or sip from the bottle or something! The biggest flaw of all though was that this bottle leaked, yeah I was pretty sad about this. I took it out with me and noticed water dripping from my bag. I 'investigated' to ensure that I had put the bottle together correctly, I tipped it upside to see where the leak was coming from and water was coming out underneath the screen where the nylon met the plastic. I was so disappointed and it wasn't something that could be fixed so I sent it back. I then followed up by reading reviews and many others had had the same problem whereas so many others really loved the product and had no problems, so I have no idea if I had a faulty bottle or not.

I am still on the hunt for a decent water bottle, do you know of any?

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