Father's day with Snapfish*

Snapfish is one of my favourite sites for ordering photographs and customised items from, they are always up to such a high standard. When they got in touch with me asking if I would like to customise some items for Father's day I instantly said yes. 

Now, my Dad is quite hard to buy gifts for him and will either be vocal on whether he likes a gift or says nothing at all. I had to think quite hard on what to purchase but I also knew I wanted to do a DIY gift idea using photographs. 
snapfish fathers day
I ended up buying a mug, mainly because it is practical and I know my Dad would actually use it. I wanted to keep the design simple, because I wasn't sure if my Dad would appreciate a mug with a photograph on (and also because I barely have any photos of my dad that are digital.) I also kept it simple, so people can see that a customised mug does not have to be all about the pictures it can be something simple as writing. I chose to put 'Dad's work mug' on this one so he can take it into work without it standing out too much. I love the font, and the little doodle heart and I was so impressed with the mug when I opened it. I have given this to my dad already and he was pretty impressed with it himself. What do you think, do you like the simple look or would you prefer to have had photographs?

My second idea was about showcasing someones memories, so I picked the theme of travel and created a fun DIY which I feel would make a perfect gift for not only fathers but mothers, friends, family etc.  This one is based about visiting America and marking off all the states visited with pictures. For this, I found a blank state map of America and printed it off in poster size. You will also need photographs, glue, scissors, blue tact, coloured/patterned/blank paper, a pen and pencil. 
The first steps are too simply write in the states, then trace round the shape onto blank pieces of paper. 
The next step is to select the images and coloured paper you want to use, and begin to trace and cut out the shapes. I used glue for the photographs and then blue tact for the coloured paper so it can be removed and replaced when needed. 
diy american map
Stick everything into place. You don't have to use coloured paper in the states you haven't visited, I just thought it made the overall poster look a lot more colourful. (This one is for me, the one I am making for my Dad isn't quite finished yet.)

Do you like this idea? Is this something you would make? Let me know your thoughts! Head over to snapfish to purchase your Father's day gifts now!!

*I was given £25 to spend on snapfish in exchange for ideas/gifts designed for Father's day.
  1. I love this idea! The mug works really well because it has a lovely, simple design yet it's personal and very cute too, so I can see why he liked it so much and I think it looks great without any other details, like you said. The map you've made I absolutely love! I've seen the scratch maps before but this idea I like much better as it works as a memory board too, so I love it! - Tasha

  2. I got a personalised mug from my daughter at Christmas and I LOVE it, so sweet! The design you chose is lovely, a bit less in-you-face than some of the photo ones but still personal!
    The map ideas is a great one!


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