Why did you start blogging?
When I was younger I used to spend hours looking at peoples blogs, at the time though I remember blogger being used to document a lot of pretty/inspiring images (a lot like tumblr.) I used to save these images to my computer, print them out and stick them on my wall. I always remembered feeling inspired and not so alone after reading blogs. My first attempt at blogging came quite a few years later, as a child I always had a journal that I used to write in religiously, I felt lost not being able to document my day, or pour out my heart when I felt sad or make lists of dreams and goals, but with time I stopped writing in my journal. It wasn't till a couple of years ago I realised how much I missed keeping a journal, I tried several times to get back into it but couldn't so I decided to create a blog instead. Now my first blog which got deleted a while a go included images and quotes etc. safe to say it didn't work, so I then spent a lot of time on tumblr, since tumblr is like a scrapbook of images, I loved it but then I wanted something more personal so I went back to blogger and that's when Dainty and Ivory began.      

Why Dainty and Ivory?
Coming up with a blog name was such a hard task for me, my mind just went blank. This blog was first called hannaandherself, I didn't like it but it would do until I could think of something more suitable. For a while the word Dainty kept popping up and I wanted to use it but I didn't have another word for it to go with. At the time the foundation I was using was in the shade Ivory, I put Dainty and Ivory together and liked it. 

Do you sell any of your things?
Yes, if you ever see anything on my blog that I have made which you would like for yourself, just email me and I would be happy to sell it. You can find me on facebook by clicking on the link to the left.


Gifted Products/Sponsored posts.
Sometimes I may accept items from companies if I feel they fit in with my blog for reviewing purposes. I will always write an honest review about the item even if I'm dissatisfied by it. All blog posts with a gifted item will marked as such *This item was gifted to me by - all thoughts and opinions are my own.
On occasions I have been asked to post a sponsored guest post on my blog, these are only accepted if I feel it fits in with Dainty and Ivory and would appeal to my readers, all sponsored posts with be marked as such *This is a sponsored post. 

PR/Product Reviews
If you think your product may be of interest to me and my readers for a review or giveaway, please contact me on daintyandivory@yahoo.co.uk
I will always provide an honest review and state where an item has been gifted.

Below are a few samples of my own published work
2013 - Recipe published in the Ruche Sugar and Spice holiday cookbook - Article published in Spoonful magazineMake and Craft Issue Ten, Hand Handmade Interview 2012 - Handbag Fairy, guide to thrifting. Handbag Fairy, benefits of water. Wrote article for talkperfection, benefits of water. 2011 -Work written for meplusonemusic: Clouds in Contrast Review. The Lucid Dream Review. Elite Gymnastics Review. Toploader interview and review. Causeway Lane Review. Elvis Jackson Review. Spotlight Kid Interview. 2009 - Poem published in Fault Magazine (Perfection)

If there is anything else you would like to know, email at daintyandivory@yahoo.co.uk and I'll post the answer on this page. Thank you.
  1. Great to meet you Hannah at the Creative and Crafty Blogger Meet! Look your little plush projects, so adorable!
    Will watch out for more!
    Take care, Sam http://createitsamantha.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. It was really nice meeting you and thanks again for hosting such a lovely meet up!
      Awh, thank you, glad you like them =)


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