New Chevrolet Midsize Truck For Consumers In Europe

A new Chevrolet midsize truck is on the pipeline of General Motors in their factory in Thailand. The units will be sent to Europe and to some countries in Southeast Asia. This strategy forms part of the plan to beef up their operations in these pickup regional markets. GM executives reveal to the press that the company aims for 100,000 units of this new truck for its first year with productions taking place mainly in Brazil and Thailand. The production in Thailand also helps GM keep the prices of the vehicles down in the region. Brazil is another ideal center for the demand for midsize trucks. The demand for vehicles domestically and abroad is on the rise as economies of different countries start to recover with GM and other car makers like Nissan and Honda increasing their productions for the year. The production in Thailand for these carmakers has doubled from January through May. The government of Thailand also foresees a bigger economic growth for the rest of the year taking note o

Jaguar XKR, More Power To The Big Cat

Mighty powerful, suave and stylish that's the new Jaguar XKR. Here's a supercar designed to be at home in the country club or the open road. The XK series has been around for quite some time now, but is it the car that they early Jags were? Well, yes and no. It retains the flowing lines of those early models - despite the fact that the shape of the coupe is so like the Aston Martin DB7 it's uncanny. The convertible somehow looks more like you'd expect a Jag to look. This XKR is a big car, though, with the accent on luxury rather than taut all-out performance. Some would say it's too big and soft to be a supercar, but the performance of the superb supercharged V-8 of the XKR pushes it right up there in the supercar league. Still, the car is big for a two-seater coupe; OK, I know it has two seats in the back, but it's really for two. The XKR is as big as the BMW 645 coupe, and weighs about 250 lb more. Boy does it need a diet - and no doubt its successor will do s

Pagani Zonda F Lustier Performance

Pagani has built a reputation for producing exquisitely built exotic cars that are extremely fast on any road. The new Pagani Zonda F combines sheer power with great handling, and builds on the development of the Zonda. Inspired by Juan Manuel Fangio, the brilliant racing driver, Horacio Pagani has always striven for perfection. The performance of the Pagani Zonda F exotic car is outstanding: a top speed of 214 mph, the 0-60 mph rush in around 3.5 seconds, and 120 mph in well under 12 seconds. A very, very fast car. Just to prove it, the Zonda F has lapped the infamous Nurburgring in 7 minutes 22 seconds. That is the fastest lap time by a production car apart from a couple of very nimble sports-racing road cars. The Zonda F has also been driven round the Top Gear track in the UK faster than any other car at 1 minute 18.4 seconds, beating the Maserati MC12 (1 minute 18.9), and the Ferrari Enzo, (1 minute 19.0)! F for Fangio It is not surprising that the F of the Pagani Zonda F exotic ca

Daihatsu Ayla, Suitable For City Streets

City car type cars are indeed suitable for residents of the capital which is known for congestion and narrow parking lots. Many car manufacturers have issued city car variants. Moreover, with the implementation of the Low Cost Green Car policy by the Ministry of Industry, city cars are increasingly becoming the favorite. One of the city cars that carry the LCGC is the Daihatsu Ayla. Daihatsu Ayla Design The exterior of the Daihatsu Ayla car has a minor face lift that uses a Projector Head Lamp with LED Position Lamp as the main light and DRL on the front bumper. The lamp is designed to have a sharper angle and a large grille and chrome is added to make it more sleek and the “A” badge is designed elegantly. The sides are more minimalist and compact with turn signs in the mirrors. This car uses 14-inch alloy wheels with a pretty cool model with pretty side garnishes. The interior of the Daihatsu Ayla is sporty, minimalist and not too luxurious. The interior is dominated by black and silv

How To Prepare Your Car For A Trip

Check your tires. An under inflated tire not only reduces the life of your tires, but can cause gas mileage of your car falling as much as 15%! An inspection will also tell you how much tread life you have in your tires, as well as alerting you to any uneven tire wear, which could indicate an alignment problem. An inspection can also alert you to any visible damage to the tires, which can worsen under intense heat. Hoses and belts should be inspected. The modern cars are equipped with the serpentine belt which works on all the accessories. Therefore if the belt breaks you will lose control of your car. You should find a qualified auto technician to check the condition of the belts, clamps, and hoses, but being proactive and looking for signs of wear, cracks or wear. As belts, radiator and heater hoses are also made of rubber, you should have regularly inspected all the tubes for wear, including cracks and soft hair, bulging spots could prevent impending rupture.    Of course, check o

Honda BR-V, The Largest Head Unit In LSUV Class

The latest Honda BR-V has a lot of touches on the exterior and features, here are some parts that have received a revised appearance. PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) launched the New Honda BR-V with refreshments on the exterior and new features in the cabin. On the exterior, the presence of the New Door Side Garnish makes the appearance of the New Honda BR-V even more resilient, while providing a sense of security and confidence when driving on various road conditions. This new design complements the appearance of the Honda BR-V which was previously equipped with a Projector Headlamp with LED Light Guide which provides maximum illumination as well as a luxurious impression, and a Fog Lamp to increase visibility when driving in foggy conditions. Driving on the Honda BR-V is also easier with the Power Retractable Door Mirror to fold the rear view mirror automatically in one touch and the Shark Fin Antenna for a more dynamic look. Inside the cabin, the New Honda BR-V is now equipped with th